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Contact Digital Dinosaurs at Triebold Paleontology, Inc. to ask about 3D Printing, Laser Scanning, Digitization and Rapid Prototyping specializing in fossils.

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phone: 719-394-3485

We want to help you bring your concepts to bear. To develop an informed quote for our services, we will need some details about your project. We will probably need an image or two and ballpark dimensions of any objects to be digitized so we can predict the amount of scanning and processing we will need to perform.

Assuming we can work with your files, we will need the files to place in our printing interface to determine how much time and material will be consumed in production. If you want prototypes in a material other than the thermoplastics used by our 3D printers, we can find a molding and casting solution for you in-house, or work with our parters to find a solution involving CNC milling or a forge.

If you need models prepared for digital media applications, we will need to know what format they are ultimately needed in, target ranges for polygon counts and any crucial specifications of those files (particular axis directions, texture mapping, exported file format, etc.)

Files totaling less than 10MB in size can be emailed to us. You can upload larger files to a filesharing site like and send us a link.

We are physically located in the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center at:
201 S. Fairview St., Woodland Park, Colorado, 80863